Recent Projects 2008~2006



senVoodoo (AñA Wojak+Fiona McGregor)
17 August 07
Aftermath Program Artspace Sydney

Font is a tableau vivant about intimacy, fear and disease. It presents the primal substance of blood as a symbolic and physical carrier of sustenance, and contagion. The ritualistic and immediate act of bleeding, and the blending of blood within the font, are symbols of alchemical union and transformation.

The trace left by the performance becomes an installation.

More about font & the work of senVoodoo on:


songline (walking on water)

Todd Riverbed
22 september 07
Alice Desert Festival 14 – 23 sept 2007
Alice Springs Northern Territory. Australia







songline is a performance which travels through the landscape for approximately 90 minutes.

It is a site-specific piece that simultaneously follows a metaphysical journey, while relating directly to the landscape it inhabits, leaving a physical trace. Each performance is created through the relationship between time, artist’s body and place, creating a narrative of unique but connected chapters.

songline started its journey at ‘undisclosed territories’ in Solo, Java, march 26 2007.

That first songline traced an invisible journey along embankments dissecting a 2 hectare Buddhist garden in the mountains of Java. This network of paths was laid out according to energy ley-lines.

The journey continues through mountains, desert, coastline and beyond. As I walk I do not choose where the line will go; it directs my body, leaving its trace behind so that the stories may be remembered and retold.



Lemah Putih
26 march 07

‘undisclosed territories’ International Performance Art Meeting
Solo, Java. Indonesia 25 – 26 march 2007







For more information on the ‘undisclosed territories‘ performance meeting go to



18 march 07
Saba Beach, Bali
NYEPI 15th Performance Art Conference
Bedulu, Bali


This durational performance started with the laying of rice, flower and spice offerings on the black sand beach. A white clay effigy was placed by the sea.




For 90 minutes the porcelain effigy was washed and the clay transferred onto the body of the performer. While each wave assisted in dissolving the figure it also necessitated constant re-application on the body.

A layering of rhythmic movement was formed by the waves, hands and the seemingly endless task.


In time a black heart of stone was revealed, placed among the offerings and anointed with blood.

A scattering of flowers led to the offerings flung being into the sea, leaving the bloodied heart.


Melasti(cleansing) was performed on Saba Beach, Bali, for NYEPI 15th International Performance Art Conference, convened in Bedulu, Bali, 18-21 march 2007.




In contrast to westerners, the Balinese open their New Year in silence. This is called Nyepi Day, the Balinese day of Silence, which falls on the day following the dark moon of the spring equinox.

Melasti is observed three days prior to Nyepi. The ceremony is aimed to clean all nature and its content, and also to take the Amerta (the source for eternal life) from the ocean or other water resources.

On Tawur Kesanga (the day before Nyepi) villages in Bali hold a large exorcism ceremony at the main cross road, the meeting place of demons. Tawur Kesanga is performed in households at every level of society, purging all demons with noise, light and offerings as well as torch lit precessions with giant demonic figures (Ogoh-ogoh).

On Nyepi day itself, every street is quiet. No traffic is allowed and people stay in their own houses. Light is kept to a minimum or not at all, and the stars shine brighter. On Nyepi the world is expected to be clean and everything starts anew.


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