the way things change..

It’s been 4 months since the start of the project & of the original 17 nests of sub rosa only 6 remain. Two (by wollemi & café) have been slowly dismantled by ibises, 9 have ‘disappeared’.

Remaining sub rosa:

In bottle tree
In farm garden stump
By education office
In succulent garden
In swamp cypress
By QEII gate

Refer to bulletin#1 for details.

Garden bed has returned to the earth,
remaining only as a rectangle of dark mulch.


Shelter from the storm is settling into the roots of its fig. The vivid green of fresh foliage is slowly turning to grey/brown & surrounding lilies are sprouting in the rim. Eventually the whole nest will be rich rusty red with bleached straw heart, before crumbling into a circle of spiralling mulch.


Severe storms & further deluges have wreaked some havoc. The dame of crinoline cage suffered a buffering on her exposed hilltop, tipping repeatedly in a most undignified manner. So following remodelling, she has wandered across the path from the rose garden to under the pin oak, to promenade across the more sheltered Palace Lawns.


The canoes of numi have survived being swept away by floodwater twice now.
Upon returning to their place in the creek after July storms, they were hit by torrential rain in August. So I am looking at ways to stabilize them so that they may withstand strong currents. They will return soon.


In the brief interim that they were back in place, a dead ibis spent a day nestled against the top canoe, creating its own ephemeral intervention.

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