Shelter from the Storm


installed June 20
LOCATION: in roots of fenced column fig, lower gardens.
DIMENSIONS: 50 x 300 x 300 cm


This giant nest is nestled safely among the roots of a sprawling fig. It is primarily constructed from hoop pine foliage taken from boughs blown down in recent severe storms.


The recent storms have both taken a toll on some pieces as well as providing me with a rich bounty of new material. Crinoline Cage was temporarily tied to the back of a shed (…the maiden lashed to the mast…) to save her from gale force winds. She will be strolling the lawns of the Rose Garden again soon.

The canoes of numi were washed down stream, their heavy stone anchors tumbling after them in the torrent. But they survived the journey & will shortly return to their rightful place in the creek.

Of the original 17 nests of sub rosa, 5 have ’disappeared’ over time.


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