Numi is a Cadigal word for canoe.

Before european settlement in 1788, the Botanic Gardens Creek was a source of fresh water & food for the Cadigal, the indigenous inhabitants of Wogganmagully. It is now a walled stormwater drain carrying a fraction of the water it once did.

Numi consists of canoe shaped sculptures perched on the brink of stone walls in the creek, each held down by a piece of colonial sandstone.



installed may 24 & june 4
LOCATION: in creek below Cadi Jam Ora garden
DIMENSIONS: 25 x 36 x 155 cm


When I first started this project I expected to be led along unexpected paths by the plant life & materials that the gardens present me with. But I hadn’t expected how much the history of the land itself would guide me. This place has many stories to tell & the plant matter is the medium.


2 Responses to “PHOTO-SYNTHESIS PROJECT bulletin#4”

  1. weedyconnection » On PHOTO-SYNTHESIS and the ephemeral art of nature Says:

    […] to issues of indigenous Australian presence a sad and somewhat romantic discourse appear (see the Numi intervention), where post-colonial guilt forcibly acknowledge the importance of past humans […]

  2. anawojak Says:

    Interesting that awareness of history is seen as ‘post colonial guilt’ & ‘forced acknowledgement”…. Recognition of the past informs our view of the present; my view is more pragmatic than ‘forced, romantic’ or the product of misguided guilt. ~AñA

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