garden bed

installed april 31
DIMENSIONS: 15 x 200 x 100 cm
LOCATION: under dead Lebanese Cedar.
Garden Bed lies in the shadow of a once expansive Lebanese cedar tree,
now grey & bare, killed by root rot & drought.

garden bed

Twenty-four hours after its installation, the ‘pillow’ of camellia flowers has been dined on & rearranged by possums. Over the next days the fern fronds darken & curl to evolve into new textures, eventually turning from green to brown. And as the flowers wilt & join the foliage in more subtle tones, the whole piece transforms from its original vivid hues to merge with the surrounding mulch.

gardenbed pillowpillowday5pillowday10e.jpgpillow22e.jpg

The ephemeral nature of art or the ephemeral art of nature.

As this project continues it is worth noting the fleeting nature of its components. Even though all installations will be marked on the map as they appear, not all will be visible throughout the year.

A few weeks after installation, some of the ‘nests’ of sub rosa have been dishevelled or have disappeared altogether (the ibises seem determined to evict the interloper in the café garden bed). It is all part of the process: the constant flux of it all.

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