Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Artist in Residence 2007

This project is ongoing from March 2007 till March 2008 as part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Artist in Residence Program. You can follow its progress through the pages of this journal.

The word photosynthesis describes the process whereby plants create energy from sunlight & green chlorophyll. This project echoes that alchemy, by creating art that is made from, and interacts directly with, nature.

With this residency I am creating ongoing, site-specific installations throughout the Royal Botanic Gardens, using the materials provides by the plants themselves. By utilizing what is available at any given time, these works explore and interpret the many cycles within cycles of plant life. There is the greater cycle of the life of a tree, the flow of seasons, the growth, the flowerings, the falling of seed, the decay, the growth. Ever changing light also interacts with the installations, illuminating them at different times of day and season. By being site-specific these works are also a reflection of the land & its history.

Ephemeral art works are appearing in the Gardens over the course of the year to surprise, intrigue, & engage visitors. Being temporary, these will come and go: some may stay for months, some may only last a day. The accompanying map is just a guide on your journey of discovery.

This residency culminates in a month long exhibition in the Palmhouse, followed by 2 months in Red Box Gallery, taking place in early 2008.


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